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LaRosa's | Dry Ridge

96 Blackburn Lane | Dry Ridge, KY 41035

Thank you for reaching out! We will be in touch to confirm your party, and talk about your pre-order options. Click HERE to view our pre-order menu.


What is the cost to rent the room?
There is no fee to rent our party rooms!  We only require a $100 minimum food order to host a party and utilize our party space.


How many guests will the room hold?

We have three private party rooms (seats 40,32, and 28), two of which have TV and A/V hookup, and “Buddy Table” (seats 12). Combine all three party rooms to fit 100 guests! To reserve the private party rooms, submit this form, or email  

Are outside food and drink allowed?
We do not allow outside food or drink, however, we do allow cakes and/or cupcakes.  Special arrangements can be made for food allergies.

How much are drinks?
Drinks cost $1.00 per person. (Excluding alcohol, milk, coffee which are all regular prices.)

Can I place my order in advance?

Yes!  We prefer that you place your order in advance, to help your party go as smoothly as possible. You can view our preorder menu here.

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