You are invited to take part in a Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt!  Please help us spread the word and spread positivity throughout the community! 

Please download one of our helpful templates or create your own!  Display in the windows of your home, your car, your office (if you are an essential business) or anywhere that families out walking or driving can spot them safely from a distance.  Share your pictures with us in our Facebook group and we may feature them on our social media!

Egg Templates

(Click on the image to download a printable PDF)


Blank Template.jpg
Skyline Chili Egg.jpg
LaRosas Egg.jpg
Kentucky Proud Egg.jpg
Dunkin Egg.jpg
Dragon Egg.jpg
Egg 2.jpg
Egg 1.jpg
Egg 3.jpg
Egg 4.jpg
Egg 7.jpg
Beechgrove .jpg
Egg Master SVA.jpg
Egg 5.jpg
Egg 6.jpg