The class of 2020 will go down in history.  While they may not be able to celebrate traditionally, we want them to know that the entire team at One Holland is sending each of them the very best wishes for their bright & exciting future.  They have worked so hard to reach this amazing milestone in their lives. We are so proud of each and every one of them. 


It is our great honor to present the One Holland Class of 2020!     

John Ivey

John will be attending Midway College in the fall to study Business and play baseball. In addition to playing baseball through high school, he was also on Simon Kenton’s football team and the bowling team. John has been at our Florence location for almost 2 years now! John is always such a consistent and kind worker and we are so lucky to have him!

Joh Ivey.jpg

Kyra Renner

Kyra is one of our newest shift leaders at Florence. She brings joy and such energy to every day of work with her fun dance moves and strong leadership skills. She is going to the University of Cincinnati in the fall and we are so very glad that she’s staying close to home!

Tessa Gastright

Tessa is truly a light to be around. Tessa is always wanting to learn new things, is a drive-thru queen and is one of the most dedicated Skyliners! She is planning on attending the University of Cincinnati in the Fall and enjoys volunteering at the Cincinnati Zoo.  It's been a pleasure to have her as a part of our Florence team!

Tessa Gastright.jpg

Zane Schneider

Zane has been working at Florence Skyline for over a year now and is an incredibly focused worker. He gives such great service that is consistently noticed by our guests! Throughout high school he has played baseball for Boone County. Zane plans on attending Centre college and wants to become a lawyer. We’ll miss having him as a part of our team!

Ashley Glover

Ashley will be attending the University of Kentucky in the fall. She runs in Track and Field for Simon Kenton and has broken many personal records! Ashley has the brightest personality, and puts so much heart into her work. She is a cleaning machine and always gives 110%!  We are so happy that she has been such an important part of our florence team.

Ashley Glover.jpg

Alex Buddenburg

“Buddha” brings so much to our Florence team. Alex one of our dishwashers and is always ready to jam to his favorite music, show us one of his new boxing moves, or crack a joke. I know everyone looks forward to having Alex on their shift. He is one of a kind and is going to do great things!

David Tittle

David, even though we all know him as “Tittle” was our saving grace back when Florence needed a new batch of dishwashers. Since then he has grown to be a fantastic worker throughout the store and is a ball of fun and energy. He cleans the grill better than anyone I know! We’re lucky to have him!

David Tittle.jpg

Courtney Hall

Courtney has been at Florence for over 2 years now! She is such a well-rounded employee who treats our guests with amazing service. She plans on attending Northern Kentucky University to pursue Nursing. She has been an incredible part of our team and will no doubt to even more amazing things in the medical field!

Taylor Wriedt

Taylor has been serving with us for over 5 years now! She is a considerate, sweet and incredibly hard worker! She just graduated Northern Kentucky University with a degree in Health Sciences, all while being a mom of 3! Taylor enjoys scrapbooking, baking and hiking when she is able. We are so thankful to have her on our team! She has and will do so many amazing things!

Taylor Wreight.jpg
Summer Fleeman.jpg

Summer Fleeman

Summer Fleeman has been working for First Watch Hamburg for 4 years, while getting her Bachelors degree in Occupational Safety and Health at Eastern Kentucky University. Once she graduates she plans on getting a job as a Safety Specialist in a manufacturing plant. Summer is such a huge part of our team at Hamburg.

Jessica McKenzie

Jessica has worked for Hamburg First Watch for almost a year. She is from Ashland, KY and is an English major at EKU. She is unsure exactly where her major will take her after graduation but we know it will be some where great. Jessica has a very laid back and go with the following of life personally.  We have loved having her on our team!

Connor Pattinson.jpg

Connor Pattinson

Connor has worked for LaRosa’s for about a year and a half and is a great server/ host. We love Connor’s attitude and willingness to do anything and everything for the team to succeed.  If this kid didn’t do enough; he was in the Governor Scholars Program, Academic team, speech, debate, and he even is in the big brother program.  This guy is going places.

Abigail Lucas

Abby, or Gail, has worked at Taylor Mill Larosa's for over a year and serves for us. She works hard and is very knowledgeable of the LaRosa’s game. Abby runs cross country and is so fast she makes fast people look not fast! She is also an even faster swimmer. We love Gail!

Abigail Lucas.jpg

David Daniel

David has been cooking for our taylor mill larosa's for a little less than a year and does a great job! David is a baseball player at Simon Kenton and Loves modern rock. He is a man of few words, but those words are always hilarious!

Ethan Wilson

Ethan has worked for Taylor Mill LaRosa’s for about 6 months. He cooks for us and always has the best attitude. Ethan Wilson is the next Slim Shady.

Ethan Wilson.jpg

Jacob Franzen

Jacob has worked for Taylor Mill LaRosa’s for almost 2 years and is one heck of a soccer player for Scott. He works his butt off when he is here and is always in a great, crazy, and fun attitude which makes every shift go smoothly. If you’re lucky you will hear one of his crazy noises he makes when he’s all jacked up on energy.

John Woesner

John has worked for Taylor Mill LaRosa’s for 2 years in July. He is one of the funniest and greatest guys we have here. He is a great cook and always jams out to some good oldies. Fun fact about John, he loves his mama more than any guy I’ve ever met.

John Woesner.jpg

John Patrick Connelly

JP is the man in kitchen and has been for a little less than 2 years at our Taylor Mill LaRosa’s. He is one heck of a baseball player and is going to attend NKU in the fall.  He always has a smile on his face!

Boston Snyder

Boston has worked for Taylor Mill LaRosa’s for a little over a month but has spent a good amount of time at our Independence LaRosa’s. Fun fact about Boston, he has an Instagram account for his dog Max.  He plays basketball so hard at Simon Kenton that he tore his ACL at the beginning of the season. Other teams were lucky he couldn’t play against them.

Boston Snyder.jpg

David Clapper

David is our ultimate all star here at Taylor Mill LaRosa’s. Hands down one of the best young men I have ever worked for. He comes in to help at a moment’s notice when we are busy and he is the guy you want on your team when you are busy. He always has the best attitude and just gets it!

Lily Miller

If you look up enough, you might spot Lily, one of our amazing hosts! You might even hear one of her quirky quotes like, “we should be swimming in the ocean but instead it’s swimming in us today.” Despite this, she is super smart, a track superstar, and responsible for referring the other half of the dynamic duo, Peyton.

Lily Miller.jpg

Peyton Gose

Peyton has worked at LaRosa’s for 6 months and she’s really awesome! What makes her even more awesome is the fact that she is a National Merit Scholar AND is going to graduate at the top of her senior class at Simon Kenton. Not to mention she is one half of the dynamic duo with Lily!